Friday | May 26, 2017

A gala dinner and fashion show designed for the unique Emirati Mona Al Mansouri at Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi

Women organized a Global Business Group (International Business Women “s Group IBWG) led engineered Koleezzar Jonyan Head of Group gala dinner and fashion show at the Senior Hotel and Towers Rotana Beach, Saturday
During the ceremony paragraphs of entertainment and offer a range of designs and dazzling costumes of global Emirati designer Mona Al Mansouri.
The ceremony was attended by high-level figures from all government departments and institutions and private, embassies and banks. Medical centers, and the media and television.
Also attended by Canadian Ambassador and his wife, and the heads and members and members of the French, Canadian and Dutch works councils, Italian, Ukrainian, in addition to members of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council, and members of women’s global business group, and the artist slowly Mahrooqi.
At the end of the ceremony, was honored creative Mona Al Mansouri by engineered Koleezzar Jonyan, it reported a bouquet and a shield of crystal titled “You’re an Inspiration” (Personal inspiring).

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