Joe Raad best hairdresser through the voting of the students of Lebanese universities

Joe Raad best hairdresser through the voting of the students of Lebanese universities

- ‎فيبرامج وتلفزيون, مواضيع هامة

The Lebanese hairdresser Joe Raad won the Student Celebrity Award (the award granted by Lebanese universities students to Lebanese famous people) for the category of best hairdresser during a ceremony held by the Lebanese universities students in the UNESCO Palace on Saturday June 5th 2010.

The famous hairdresser received his prize on stage from the former Minister Abdallah Farhat who congratulated Raad for his achievements in the hairdressing and haute coiffure field.

Joe Raad has expressed his joy with this reward, and said that he was really proud of this award as much as it is delivered by the well educated and intellectual Lebanese youth, who constitutes the future of Lebanon. He has also thanked the organizers for all their efforts in planning and organizing this event. Raad did not forget to thank his team members namely as they are the Unknown Soldier of this success.

Students voted for Joe Raad’s Salon for Haute coiffure as the best hairdressing salon in Lebanon. Many prizes were also awarded to many artists, actors and directors each in his category and work field, among them were: Elie Saab as the “Best fashion designer”, Wael Kfoury, the “Best male singer”,  Elissa the “Best female singer”. As for Yehya Saade, he won the prize of teh “Best director”, Joumana Bou Eid the “Best TV presenter”, Cyrine Abdel Nour the “Best Actress Award”, in addition to a large number of personalities who were also awarded and honoured during the event.

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