Elio Nader and his EN online spotlights

Elio Nader and his EN online spotlights

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With his charming smile, depth of his eyes, gentle expressions of his voice, attractive features of his manly face, Elio Nader managed to establish himself as a first-class model by working with a number of leading fashion designers and brands.

Elio has a lot of local and international participation, whether in fashion shows or advertising and television projects, including The European Ambassadorship with OJO Sunglasses since 2017 until now and he has represented it in Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece through many fashion trips, local shootings and studio shoots.He is also the ambassador of square for men’s new emerging brand noting that he has also modeled for Pull & Bear. Further more he was the Ambassador of MAVI 2019, HairHunter’s Ambassador from 2016 until today, Savanah cosmetics’ line Ambassador in 2020, Marie France’s representative on the Red carpet in 2019, Fat 2 Fit’s figure from 2019 till now, media face of BioDash machine in 2018, Ambassador of Emporio de sole from 2019 To 2020, And last but not least the ambassador of 2h Fashion from 2018 until 2019, etc.

In addition, Elio has worked with prominent resorts such as Radisson Blu international and Janna Lebanon , luxurious hotels and international restaurants, as well as some brands specialized in preparing healthy food.

Moreover, Elio managed to successfully pass into the online world to be always on top and create what’s best for each brand, noting that his work’s final touches are always fixed by himself with him insisting to participate in every detail with the talented team on set.

It is worth noting that Elio Nader is working hard to inculcate many concepts among the youth generation as he encourages them to work harder to pursue their ambitions and fulfil their dreams stating that “Believe in your dreams, and you’ll always find a way to fulfill them”

Manal Chhadeh.

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