Mohamad Ghayad, an Emblem of Inspiration and Creativity

Mohamad Ghayad, an Emblem of Inspiration and Creativity

- ‎فيغير مصنف

Designer Mohamad Ghayad, the owner of Le Mariage Wedding Design Company, appeared live on Le Mariage page with international fashion designer Tamara Ralph.

Mohamad Ghayad introduced to his audience a new application which can help a bride to follow up directly all her wedding details whether her dress, decoration, etc. Ghayad considered this application as a must especially during the recent time and the tough situation we encounter due to the spread of coronavirus worldwide. Ghayad stressed that brides should always feel relax and enjoy every single detail related to her big dreamy day. He believes that this application will facilitate this mission.

Not only that, Le Mariage wedding designer, Mohamad Ghayad was excited to share his experience with his fans and his wedding design journey around the globe. He was thrilled to share a wedding experience in India where he met a big number of celebrities. He also added that Indian traditions and customs were a treasure with respect to him. How amazing is to know about others way of celebrating their joyous moment, the way they dress and behave during such significant occasions, etc. To Mohamad Ghayad, such wonderful experiences are unforgettable.

Moreover, Le Mariage Wedding designer Mohamad Ghayad gave a hint about his future plan and promised to astonish his lovers again with new masterpieces, new designs and new themes.

It is also worthy to be mentioned that it was comprehensible the big number of interaction from Mohamad Ghayad’s followers who were eager to know what is the new trend for this year and who expressed enthusiastically their admiration and love for their best designer.

One can say that Ghayad is a perfect emblem of creativity and innovation. He is an exceptional and gifted designer who mesmerized his fans’ attention by his ability to think outside the box. Looking forwards to see more inspirational designs from our innovative and ingenious designer.

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