Model Mira Loves Distinction and Differences in all Domains of Life

Model Mira Loves Distinction and Differences in all Domains of Life

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The Lebanese Emirati model, Mira Kaddura, has a gorgeous look and a charming smile. Her spontaneity made her a person who is difficult to be imitated, so she excelled in all fields of life. Not only that, she knows how to capture her audience attention wherever she is going to be. All women love her company and speech. she knows how to add a magical touch wherever she goes.

Mira was born and raised in the UAE- Abu Dhabi and she is completely obsessed with this country. She is always proud of her affiliation and loyalty to her hometown, the UAE, and loves every corner of it. She completed her university studies at prestigious universities in the United Arab Emirates, where she obtained a BA of Arts – Mass Communication from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), and a Masters in Business Administration from Abu Dhabi University (ADU).

After that, Mira set out to the workplace with great enthusiasm, filming many advertisements for fashion, makeup and other things, creating her own style as she does not portray any advertisement that she is not convinced of or even uses her product personally.
She also starred in several television programs and interviews, most notably on MBC, where she presented news at that time.

It is worth noting that Mira’s personality is characterized by bravery, spontaneity and strong charisma, neither mercantilist nor following anyone, she has her own style, whether in speech or the way she dressed. She loves colours and pays attention to the details of everything she wears, and always strives for uniqueness and difference in all her looks, choosing it from her own perspective, which seems suitable for her. Accordingly, Mira has never traded fashion, but rather made it the one that matches it, all due to her distinction, uniqueness and her various innovations in coordinating fashion and colours.

Besides, Mira loves difference and always strives for change and proves herself worthy of it. She does not like to be compared to anyone, as she believes that everyone has his own beauty and features that make him different from others. Besides, she pays special attention to precious jewellery of all kinds and wishes to shoot advertisements of her own jewellery.

On the other hand, Mira loves to travel and always strives to discover everything new. She travelled to about 18 countries around the world, discovered their attractions and enjoyed tourism. As a result, she recently intended to do “Travel Coverages” around the world, but the outbreak of the Corona epidemic prevented that.

Besides travelling, the model loves photography, going to luxurious restaurants, documenting her daily life, riding horses and listening to music.

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