The Internet reads your thoughts?! What is the truth about the monitoring chip under the skin?!

The Internet reads your thoughts?! What is the truth about the monitoring chip under the skin?!

- ‎فيغير مصنف

Under this title, the Lebanese producer and social media expert Ahmed Chhadeh wrote about “cookies”
Chhadeh explained that what was circulated at the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus about a segment that major countries are seeking to implant under the skin for the inhabitants of the planet is media talk aimed at increasing the number of views or drawing attention to a person or a product. With the existence of so-called “cookies” no one will undertake any project that would cost millions for an objective that is already easily obtained through the feature of cookies that are found in almost all sites.
Chhadeh explained the principle of work of these files by saying that it is the message that appears today in most sites, where it clearly requests the use of cookies for the user, who often does not know the full meaning of them, so he accepts the message, but in general, it cannot be asserted that the sites do not use this feature even without showing this message, and as soon as you enter the site, the cookies will start working and it is nothing but a text file created by the site that contains the user’s personal information (e-mail, password, user name, age, place of residence, movement map ….. etc.) In short, we can say it is the file containing the personal information of any person who accesses a website.
Regarding their usefulness, the Lebanese expert explained that the mechanism of the work of these two types of files “session cookies” and “tracking cookies” is a mechanism that facilitates the users’ search process on the Internet and protects them from losing what they have done in the event of sudden Internet cuts. For example, sites such as Google or Facebook uses these files to save the e-mail and password to facilitate entry and exit to the Internet, so the person does not have to write them more than once during the day, while other sites such as Amazon, in addition to this information, keep the shopping basket, and even if the Internet suddenly cuts off, when he returns, the person does not have to re-choose the products he wants. Through all these files, some sites integrate information, or it can be said that the Internet integrates information. When you close Amazon and return to Google, you see two ads for the products you purchased a while ago, or Google suggests that you search for something that interests you at this moment, according to what it concluded from information.
As for the damages, they are not easy and many find them dangerous. The greatest harm is the possibility of using these files to track people and know their exact locations and with whom they are sitting, and a lot of private information, just like the segment that some advertising methods promoted for different purposes at the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus. In fact, companies or countries, the big ones, if they really want the upgrade, they don’t need to pay money to install anything new.

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