Dareen El Samarany Represents “Face Of Dee” in Italy

Dareen El Samarany Represents “Face Of Dee” in Italy

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“Face of Dee” for make-up and cosmetics products works hard to keep pace with the constant development in the world of cosmetics, and to be updated with all the recent news of the cosmetics industry.

From this point of view, Dareen El Samarany, owner of the “Face of Dee” brand, usually participates in all international shows and events in the cosmetic field, as she believes that the beauty industry is in constant renewal, and following up with the recent update is the best way to success.

In this context, Dareen is currently participating in the Cosmoprof Worldwide exhibition, which is held annually in the Italian city of Bologna, and it is a trade fair for the cosmetics industry, as it witnesses the participation of significant companies and factories in the world of cosmetics, and allows these companies to present their products in front of professional experts in this field.

Through her participation, Dareen seeks to launch and develop many of “Face of Dee” products, through meetings that she holds with many participating factories and companies, to exchange experiences between the two parties to reach cooperation aimed at developing the products of the “Face of Dee” brand at all levels.

It is worth noting that Dareen always dedicates part of her time to attend the Cosmoprof Worldwide exhibition, since the company’s establishment, the exhibition had an important impact in launching and developing many of its products and contributed to raising the company’s name on the global level.

The official website of the brand “Face of Dee” can be visited via the following link:

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