Face of Dee Make-up Sponges… One of the Best Make-up Products in the World

Face of Dee Make-up Sponges… One of the Best Make-up Products in the World

- ‎فيغير مصنف

After several studies, Dareen El Samarany, owner of the “Face of Dee” brand, saw that there is a great shortage of makeup sponges in the global markets, as the spread of the product was limited to a small number of international brands that do not suit the Lebanese market.

From here, Dareen found it is necessary to launch makeup sponges to break the monopoly of international companies and market products that have high quality and suit the Lebanese marketing capabilities at the same time.

Face of Dee has launched different types of makeup sponges to provide a variety of uses, including Signature Blenders, Masterpiece Blender, Pro Blender, Micro trio Set, Duo Set.

It is worth noting that these products are characterized by the healthy materials used in their manufacture, as they are free of harmful and allergic latex, and this is very important to ensure the smoothness of the product on the skin during use, as it is suitable for all skins, even sensitive ones.

The “Face of Dee” brand recommends sterilizing the sponge constantly after use to maintain its complete cleanliness and hygienic quality.

In this context, “Face of Dee” is preparing to launch a new product, which is a soap made in Italy that contributes to the cleaning and disinfection of sponges.

According to Dareen El Samarany, makeup sponges were not previously widely known in the cosmetics world, but recently they have become an essential product for beauty experts all over the world for their exceptional role in fixing makeup and giving a natural and perfect look.

“Face of Dee” pays special attention to its sponges, because it is its first product and the product that launched the name of Face of Dee to the world with remarkable success. Dareen introduces this product to the global markets as an example of the quality of Face of Dee products, despite the presence of other products.

Recently, the Face of Dee makeup sponges compete with the world’s first-class brands to break the monopoly at the best prices, and according to the testimony of all international cosmetic experts and users, this product has distinctive specifications and high efficiency.

The official website of the brand “Face of Dee” can be visited via the following link:

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