The Luxury Network Launches TLN Academy

The Luxury Network Launches TLN Academy

- ‎فيغير مصنف

The Luxury Network International, the leading luxury affinity marketing and business networking group, has officially launched The Luxury Network (TLN) Academy, a virtual learning initiative for individuals keen to join the elusive luxury community.

This world-class platform provides access to exclusive courses comprised of videos created by iconic professionals who share the inner workings of their craft. Through many different perspectives, learners will develop critical tools to help them appreciate and contextualize their area of interest.

Fares Ghattas, The Luxury Network Academy founder and The Luxury Network International’s Global CEO, said, “Our objective is to allow those interested in luxury and eager to learn the secrets of the trade to acquire the tools needed to succeed directly from the masters of the industry.”

“Staying up-to-date with trends and constantly enhancing and developing one’s knowledge is more crucial than ever in these times of global downsizing,” Ghattas added.

The self-study courses feature world-class experts in various fields such as luxury selling, entrepreneurship, media, etiquette, fashion, brand management, travel, and many more.

The courses are designed to allow the learners to move at their own pace to gain a valuable in-depth understanding of their chosen topic. These exclusive videos are created to be impressive, informative, inspirational, and impactful.

Access to the material may be purchased by the public, including the network’s official members and clients.

The official website of the “TLN Academy” can be visited via the following link:

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