Nesrin Sanad: The Sky is the Limit If You Dream Big

Women can have it all if they set their minds to it.


For a long time now women have been shattering the glass ceilings while managing work and profession and made it look effortless because their commitment to their dreams deserves this.


One such example is Nesrin Sanad, an Egyptian born model, and actress who wants to make a mark in the industry through her acting skills by working on projects that aim at bringing a positive change in society.


Nesrin Sanad wishes to motivate and inspire people to live a more fulfilling life and use her roles in the movies as a medium to make an impact in the lives of her audience.


Through her journey, Nesrin Sanad wants to educate people that nothing is impossible to achieve in life with consistency and hard work.


A Fine Arts graduate with courses in Law, Insurance, First Aid, VIP Hospitality and Decorum, Nesrin has a strong foothold in the modelling industry as she has modelled for almost all the widely known and high-end brands like Robert Cavalli, Chanel, Cartier fine jewellery, Versace, Marchesa, Bvlgari luxury Jewelry, Armani, Prada, La Bourjoisie, Yousef Al Jasmi, and more. As a model, she has also walked the ramp in a lot of Fashion Weeks in the Far East and the Middle East.


Nesrin Sanad is also the current brand ambassador for APM Monaco Jewelry & Watches, Cacdemode Swim, and has been the former ambassador of brands such as Agent Provocateur, Aldo Shoes, Nadine Arton, Fashion Nova, La Reveche to name a few.


Her experience is not limited to only modelling or the fashion industry as the aspiring actress has also featured in several music videos and was on the cover of several beauty and fashion magazines.


Nesrin has already made her debut in the field of acting with movies like Fast and Furious7 by James Wan, Sea Shadow by Nawaf Al Janahi, which also got awarded in ADFF, Ghafwa by Shaghaf Team which got awarded in SHAMS, and four short films out of which one got nominated in TriBeCa Film Festival, Adam by Amani Alsaied. And it’s certainly a proud moment that most of her movies have found their places in the IMDb lists.


Apart from films, Nesrin has featured in over 100 TV commercials in a leading role for highly acclaimed brands like Four Seasons Luxury Hotels, Nivea Cream, Bvlgari Luxury Jewelry, Kempinski Luxury Hotels, Banyan Tree Luxury Hotels, Mercedes Benz, Nescafe, Pizza Hut, Pampers, and the list goes on.


An extrovert at heart and a person who loves public speaking and connecting with new people, Nesrin Sanad has managed thousands of high-end events that have been hosted as well as attended by her.


Earlier before her modelling career, she worked closely with the Royal Family of the UAE, Al Nahyan, where she attended personally to the President, Crown Prince, their families & friends within their aviation and VIP hospitality section.


From having a rock-solid modelling career for years to working towards her way up in the acting industry, the aspiring beautypreneur also has her own beauty brand under construction and plans to involve her family in her business too in order to strike the perfect chord between work-life balance.


Nesrin sternly believes that our actions can contribute to making this world a better place to live in and that she wishes to do her part by taking on roles that will help to bring the world closer and spread the feeling of a global community.


Nesrin Sanad plans to build her beauty business with hard work and determination. Her ultimate goal is to live a healthy and fulfilling life with her family while working on her beauty business and gearing up to conquer the beauty world.


The sky is the limit if you dream big and that’s what keeps this lady going and chasing her dreams and paving the path for the newbies to follow in her footsteps and achieve their dreams.



To follow the official account of the fashion model Nesrin Sanad on Instagram:

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