Dareen El Samarany: A Multitalended Woman Who Is Able to Fulfill her Dreams

The “Face of Dee” makeup brand is considered one of the most prominent makeup brands due to its high-quality international products, and the credit for these achievements goes to the owner of the well-known brand, the Lebanese businesswoman Dareen El Samarany.

 Dareen El Samarany was born in Lebanon and grew up on its lands, where she obtained two master’s degrees in both financial and banking sciences, in addition to journalism.

 Businesswoman Dareen El Samarany was employed in one of the commercial companies in Lebanon, and she always had the dream of ​​being a manager and opening her own business that bears her name.

  Like other dreams, this dream was surrounded by obstacles and needed the initiative to start. Her determination and passion were the masters of the situation, she decided to start her journey to attain her ambition. It took a few months, between research and planning, effort and fatigue, so it was the first step in Italy, where Dareen went to see how to find a special and successful brand, participated in important exhibitions there, and came back with the idea she had always worked for, an Arab makeup brand.

 Dareen faced many criticisms at the beginning of her career, so that many people didn’t believe in her project, but she was strong enough to meet these criticisms with success, creativity and development.

 Dareen loves to travel around the world to learn about all the different human civilizations and explore all countries, in search of her passion to achieve her big dream of expanding the company along with her cooperative team with a single future vision.

The official website of the brand “Face of Dee” can be visited via the following link:


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