Dareen El Samarany : The Keys to Success

Dareen El Samarany : The Keys to Success

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Dareen El Samarany, the owner of the “Face of Dee” brand, was able to impose her brand name in the Lebanese market in a short period until it became one of the most prominent makeup brands in Lebanon.


In this context, Dareen said that these achievements are the result of long work and distinct marketing strategies according to the requirements of the local market.


In the details, Dareen added that entering the world of make-up was a great challenge for her as she started working on studying the field and focusing on the Lebanese market at first, through a strategy that requires marketing products through “Micro-Influencers” on social media, who are well known and have a big number of passionate followers which provides the product with accurate tests and truthful marketing reviews that allow the brand to develop and spread widely.


As for the UAE market, Dareen mentioned that the marketing strategy differs hence the competition in the UAE market is greater, which needs different methods starting from marketing through “Micro Followers” ​​as a start, all the way to opening a store for the brand, which is a future strategy that Dareen is working on to strengthen the brand name through modern marketing campaigns.


In conclusion, Dareen El Samarany emphasized that every field in the labour market has a special tactical strategy that must be followed, so she advised businessmen to focus on this essential point because defining business strategies according to requirements is the key to success.


The official website of the brand “Face of Dee” can be visited via the following link:



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