Supermodel Nesrin Sanad: A Passionate Traveller

“Travel with fashion and beauty” is a slogan that can describe the life of the Egyptian model and actress Nesrin Sanad, who crosses continents, taking with her a big number of her fans.

 Nesrin is passionate about travelling. She constantly shares her daily adventures with her followers who feel enthusiastic to travel abroad from the comfort of their own homes where they are able to see virtually many cultural, historical, and natural attractions in various ancient civilizations around the world.

 Nesrin is keen to add her own touches wherever she goes, with modern and impressive looks that she shares through her official account on Instagram through professional photo sessions that received great admiration and praise.

 It should be noted that supermodel Nesrin Sanad has set foot in 65 countries all over the world such as Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, usa,Austria, Belgium , Croatia,France, Germany, Greece, Iceland,Ireland,Italy, Lithuania,Monaco,Norway, Poland,Portugal ,Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and UK.

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