Ghadeer Ali The road to success as a model, actor and bodybuilder

Ghadeer Adnan Ali was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1993, and immigrated to Belgium in 2009 due to the lack of security and stability in Iraq. He learned the Flemish language and overcame all the difficulties in his academic career and obtained several certificates, the most important of which are secondary school, web developer and anti-theft. Ghadeer Ali was a football player, he played in the Belgian clubs Rupel Boom and KC Rumst, but the circumstances did not allow him to continue and from here he started a his career as a bodybuilder because of his great influence on it from his young age. He continued with strong determination despite the ridicule and frustration of some people in the gym because of his thinness, but despite that he did not care and nothing prevented him from exercising. After a period of time, his body became better and harmoniously beautiful and very natural. His confidence in his abilities increased his ambitions even more. He participated in several international championships, the most important of which is the Belgian Federation for Bodybuilding and the Golden Gym Classic for amateurs, he achieved advanced positions and high achievements in this career.

His vision of what he reached and how he became helped him a lot to become a model. His interest in elegance and fashion increased with the help of his wonderful harmonious body. Ghadeer Ali decided to enter and work in this career as well, and his career began since then with difficulties, oppositions and repeated rejection in the beginning. After years of photography and hard work, he became a professional and successful fashion model working with regular offices and photographers to well-known and successful offices, from filming for free to contracts with amounts and professional work, and since then he has been working hard to develop his body and his work until he reached a stage where he achieved many successes from reviews on Theaters and photography to large advertisements and work with official and supportive companies for the career of models. Now Ghadeer Ali competes every year in the TopModelEurope competition. He has achieved advanced positions in this competition and has also become the face of advertising for many European companies.

Acting is one of Ghadeer Ali’s main goals, which he always dreamed of. His experience in front of the camera for years as a model and his appearance and body as a bodybuilder helped him a lot in becoming an actor. In 2020, the acting field began, and Ghadeer participated in several Belgian films and series of different colors, some of which narrate history, trade and battles, and some of them narrate the current situation and drama.
His self-confidence, ambition and determination to do what he wants to make him a successful person who struggles and is patient to achieve the best despite the obstacles and difficulties. All these successes and achievements are difficult in your home country, so what if they were in another country, a country about which you know nothing and own nothing! Ghadeer Ali proves to us to ignore all frustration and negativity, to ignore all the talk that leads you to give up and to work every day to achieve our personal goals and there is nothing impossible in this life


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