Gaelle Moujabber: Top Tips For Healthy Eating During Ramadan

Following healthy eating habits during Ramadan is essential for everyone. Dietitian,Gaelle Moujabber, shares with us a number of practical healthy tips to follow during this holy month:

First, we should drink plenty of water and eat hydrating foods during Ramadan. Drinking plenty of water between iftar and suhoor meals is essential. High temperatures can make us perspire more, so it is important to drink fluids to replace what we lose during the day (at least 10 glasses). We can also increase water intake by eating hydrating foods. Besides, it is also important to add watermelon to our suhoor meal or eat it as a sweet treat after iftar. Never forget the green salad which contains plenty of hydrating cucumber and tomato too.

Second, we should try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea and cola, because caffeine can make some people urinate more often, which may lead to dehydration. Also, we should remember that fizzy drinks with sugar will add calories to your diet. Foods rich in water may be served, such as soup or fresh vegetable salad. On average, people fast between 15 and 16 hours a day. During the noon hours, when temperatures are high, it is important to remain in a cool and shaded place and avoid the sun.

Third, eating three dates to break your fast is a traditional and healthy way to begin our iftar hence dates are an excellent source of fibre. We should also incorporate plenty of vegetables to provide vital vitamins and nutrients, choose whole grains, which provide the body with energy and fibre and enjoy grilled or baked lean meat, skinless chicken and fish, to get a good portion of healthy protein.

Last but not least, in general, we have to avoid fried and processed foods high in fat or sugar, enjoy our meal and avoid overeating by eating slowly.

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