“High School Musical 2” ON STAGE Lebanon

“High School Musical 2” ON STAGE Lebanon

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Theatre de Mazitou is a production house, professional in theatre organization, specializing in children and family stage shows and plays. Theatre de Mazitou is holding a musical play known as “High School Musical”, licensed by Disney exclusively to Theatre de Mazitou, to be performed in Lebanon and the Gulf countries by young Lebanese talents and an International troop of dancers.The main objective of the musical show is to reinforce and enhance novelty in Lebanon, shake up their talents and intellect and give them a chance to express themselves in their country. “High School Musical 2- On Stage – Junior Production ”
will perform on:-Dates: December 27, 28,29-2009 and Jan 2 ,3 – 2010-Venue: Martyr’s Square.-Number of performances: 5 performances at 4:30pm

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