Rami Salamoun Spring/ Summer collection 2012

Rami Salamoun Spring/ Summer collection 2012

- ‎فيبرامج وتلفزيون, متفرقات

Rami Salamoun’s collection for Spring/Summer 2012 has a unique, stunning, elegant and a different taste this time. As usual Rami Tries to find a way to make his woman looks at her best by giving her a wide option to choose what suits her. In this collection he mixed between – Metal and Earth- introducing his woman as a modern one with a sense of vintage touch; this collection’s colors varied from strong ones reflecting earth cold strong elements to soft worm blossoms of spring /summer time. The colors range went between metallic( silver- gold), cold colors like – dark blue, pistachio – on the other hand, the spring fresh ones like pink, green, and yellow, that make you feel the warmth of earth. The collection cuts varied but mostly showed the women curvy silhouette while other gowns went fluffy and wide to fit other women’s taste. The materials and fabrics used in this collection were: Taffetas, Gazar, silk chiffon, dentelles – lace, paillettes, … Rami Salamoun hopes every woman will find this collection reflecting her taste and image in a way or another

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