Qatari Businesswoman Asma Sakil Making Waves in Fashion and Beauty Industry with Sckali Group

Qatari businesswoman Asma Sakil is making waves in the fashion and beauty industry with her successful brand, Sckali Group. Asma’s passion for fashion and beauty led her to launch her first brand “Sckali Design” in 2009, and since then, she has expanded her brand to include “Ckali Bags,” “Argansus,” “Sckali Beauty,” and “Sckali Daum.”

Asma’s goal is to promote the capabilities of Qatari women and introduce Qatari brands to the world that can compete with international brands. Her brand was launched internationally with fashion shows in London, Paris, and Monaco, and it was the first Qatari brand to participate in the London Fashion Week and the Maison de Mode in Paris.

In 2017, Asma participated in the famous New York fashion show and had a presence at the Cannes Film Festival. Her brand was even voted the best Qatari brand by the Ministry of Tourism.

Sckali Group has collaborations and partnerships with many brands such as Tiffany & Co. at the Tiffany red carpet in Monaco in 2018 and through The Luxury Network with brands such as Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz fashion week in London and Dubai. The brand is present in many international retail outlets such as Galleries Lafayette and Fifty one East in Qatar with expansion plans in France, Morocco, and London.

Asma’s success has been covered and celebrated in many media publications locally and regionally, with her focus always on the importance of the Qatari woman’s potential and capabilities.

Asma Sakil’s Sckali Group is a shining example of Qatari excellence and a true representation of the country’s capability in the global market. We look forward to seeing the continued success of Sckali Group and Asma’s future endeavors.

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