Stylist Dany Atrache Paris Collection

Stylist Dany Atrache Paris Collection

- ‎فيأخبار الفن

Inspired by the Gothic and Baroque Epochs  An Artistic Combination of all Epochs

The glory of civilizations and arts eras doesn’t get embodied unless by the duplication of the content, bringing together the charm of the Baroque period to the audacity of the Gothic epoch, united cutting breath designs, presented by designer Dany Atrache, as part of its sixteenth Parisian collection, inspired by the amazement of the remarkable intimacy of civilizations artistic heritage, throughout history, leaving their distinguished effects on the week of Haute Couture in Paris, for Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Season.                                                                                                                                                            The audacity of the models is reflected in the soft feminine print, embodied by the tulle and chiffon fabrics, adopted by an inspired scene, going back to the Baroque period.                                                               That time was distinguished by women’s desire and competition for elegance and beauty.

Stylist Dany Atrache deliberately treated with care his designs, under such inspiration, while showing his skills, in developing feminine smooth designs, distinguished by a captivating transparency, diversified with their models, though the corset was adopted surprisingly for all models, whereas it appeared diversified for its locations and cuts, sine it sometimes came tight and emphasized the chest and waist, while in some other times, it was given the shape of a wide belt tightly placed at the waist, in a professional and artistic manner.

                                                                                                                                                                            The fabrics of the collection were not limited to fine textures only; velvet was used to form the point of distinction of this collection. Its elegant effect harmonizes with the Season of Winter. Guipure and lace were used for some dresses only, pressing their high-end glow throughout the Collection.                                                                                                                                                                    The magnificence of the used fabrics was reflected by warm and unique colors, such as brick, blue metallic, and flame emerald in addition to two light or pastel colors, such as Rose powder and off white.                                                                                                                                         These colors highlight, thanks to the spirit of the season, the elegance of the woman and how to have an incomparable port or look.                                                                                                                                        The combination adopted by the designer Dany Atrache, to mix between the two aesthetic epochs, left its charming impression in the embroideries borrowed from the Baroque artistic era, whereas plastic art was featured on dresses with mesmerizing patterns.                                                                                              The metallic embroidery was assigned to the same texture of the tissues and not isolated from it or as an intruder therein, hence the embroidery elements were accessories made of metals, with diversified forms and effects. Their dazzling increased with medium sizes Swarovski stones, leaving their artistic effect between the impregnated metal accessories, thanks to a so artistic method, joining the authenticity of civilizations to modern art.

This beautiful combination of art of this times, laid its anchors on the dazzling wedding dress of the collection: the charm of the off white color reigned, although the gold color was snuck into the folds of embroidery, rewarding it with an incomparable splendor and elegance, suitable for the wonderful night. This dress was not free of the metallic effect of Baroque inspiration, alike a decoration of all times, which rendered the latest collection of Designer Dany Atrache, become part of a line of modern and contemporary art of fashion designing, having as base a great artistic legacy, crossing epochs and civilizations.

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